Heating and cooling expert talks about preparing your home and car for cold weather

Posted at 5:22 PM, Jan 25, 2019

FERNDALE, Mich. (WXYZ) — Temperatures are expected to plummet next week, but there are some ways you can prepare your home and car before the cold weather hits.

“Every winter you should have your system checked before the cold snap comes,” said Michael Levy, owner of Air Master Heating and Air-Conditioning.

He says instead of lowering the thermostat during the day to leave it on a constant temperature .

“We may want to keep the house at more at a contact temperature so we don’t have drafts that come in and freeze the pipes,” said Levy.

Levy also suggest the following tips:

  • Buy a new, clean air filter so warm air can better circulate in home
  • Keep thermostat between 68 to 73 degrees
  • Turn off water if you have frozen pipes and call an expert

As for your car, fill up your tank before the cold temperatures hit.

“You should never let the fuel tank drop below a quarter of a tank if you can,” said service manager for Auto Europe in Birmingham David Palevich.

Palevoch also suggest the following tips to get your car ready:

  • Fill up antifreeze and washer fluids
  • Check air pressure on tires and put in more air if needed
  • Keep extra set of warm clothing in car
  • Pack snacks in car in case car breaks down and your stuck