Help chess team from Detroit prep school make it to Nationals

Posted at 5:25 PM, Mar 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-07 17:31:17-05

Chess is a game of smarts and strategy. Detroit's University Prep Science and Math middle school chess team knows that all too well.

They won the state championship last month.

Now, they are heading to the national tournament in Tennessee in May.

Principal Mischa Bashir said, "Outstanding when it comes to critical thinking, strategic thinking and their social acumen."

The team won nationals a few years ago and they hope to do it again this year, but they are having a hard time raising the funds.

They need $55,000 to be able to participate.

Kameron Wilson is an 8th grade chess player. He said, "I like being competitive. I also like winning but I'm not too good with losing."

Kameron has been playing chess since he was seven. He's hoping to get a chess college scholarship.

Kameron says it helps that the whole team is supportive of each other.

"They can always help you when you are down or you need some motivation," he added.

The team is only $17,000 away from their goal.

They hope to go to nationals, to prove you shouldn't never underestimate a chess team from Detroit.

Principal Bashir added, "They go in and do what needs to be done and it makes that much more exciting."

"I think we do have a good chance," Kameron explained. "We have to bring our best game to nationals. We've won it in the past and hope to continue that achievement."

If you want to help the students get to nationals, you can make a donation.

Checks can be sent to the school's main office:

University Prep Science and Math Middle School
Attn: Development Department
610 Antoinette St
Detroit, MI 48202.
Phone number is (313) 887-1613
*Earmark the check "chess team"

You can also donate online:

Make sure you pick "UPSM Chess Team"