Here's how to score big for less at bulk stores

Posted at 7:06 AM, Jan 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-28 08:41:05-05

(WXYZ) — If you've got a super bowl party in the works, then maybe you're trying to steer clear of a financial fumble!

Lots of us do our party shopping at bulk warehouses, but which offers the best bang for your buck?

7 Action News reporter Ameera David tackled comparing prices on some of the hottest super bowl party must-haves.

For a party of six to 10 people, where can $100 stretch the furthest? Ameera went to work filling her basket at Costco.

"We got the buffalo-style wings because no party is right without these."

And some crowd-pleasing pizza!

"It goes for $11.99 and the cool thing about this is there are four pizzas in here."

Though for a similar pizza 4-pack at BJ's, it's a dollar less at $10.99. At Sam's, a penny less at $11.98.

Add in the veggie tray, guacamole, salsa, tortilla chips, popcorn and of course the pop!

"Coca Cola goes for $9.99, and it's a 35-pack."

For the same pack at BJ's – it was 45 cents more and at Sam's Club about $1.40 more.

"Ok I've got a sweet tooth, have to have some yummy dessert at this party."

And why bake, when there's cheesecake? This one retails for $13.99, which was at least a dollar higher than what we found at the competition.

So which bulk store stretched my $100 bucks the furthest?

Here's what the tab looks like at Sam's: Grand total? $100.14.

At BJ's, it's a hair cheaper at $98.14.

But at Costco? Ameera spent $95.60 – that means there's $4 left to spare.

It beat out the competition by a few dollars, supported by some well-priced wings and low-cost Kirkland branded products.

Though you should note: Costco does have the highest of three membership costs: at $60 a year versus $50 at BJ's and $45 at Sam's Club.

In the end, shopping at any bulk store, experts say, will save you at least 20 to 30 percent when compared to a grocery store – so you don't waste your money.