Here's what metro Detroit leaders are saying after Joe Biden's inauguration

Joe Biden
Posted at 10:54 AM, Jan 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-20 23:15:20-05

(WXYZ) — As Joe Biden is set to be inaugurated Wednesday, leaders across metro Detroit are weighing in on the historic moment.

Congresswoman Debbie Dingell referred to it as "the day we have been waiting for."

"Today, I am honored to see two people make history who have also made a commitment to fight for the people in our district," Dingell said. "At noon today, soon-to-be President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will take their oaths of office."

"Michigan helped deliver the White House to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and now, they are ready to deliver for Michigan and the country. Right now, more than ever before, we need bold leadership that is committed to putting working Americans first and putting our country back on the right path."

Congressman Andy Levin said Biden and Harris represent an America that "values working people and human decency."

“I am eager to support President Biden’s Day One agenda," Levin said in a press release. "No reform could do more to equalize the economy than giving workers the freedom to form a union, and today our President will restore federal workers’ right to organize. I am excited to work closely with President Biden on fundamental labor law reform to support all working families. By rejoining the Paris Agreement, President Biden will give the United States the opportunity to lead the community of nations in building a global green economy. I stand ready to work with the administration on more policies to usher in a just and equitable future for all workers and our one precious Earth. Finally, he will institute a mask mandate for federal properties, the first of many science-based decisions that will help us curb this pandemic as we turbocharge widespread vaccination."

“It is time not only to repair the damage caused under the Trump presidency, but to address the systemic inequalities and harmful policies that have eroded the American working class, harmed communities of color, and fried our planet for far too long. I welcome the dawning of a bright new day.”

Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence said she is "honored and proud" to work with Biden and Harris.

"Today will go down in history as a day when love prevailed over hate, when science and facts were chosen over fake news and conspiracy theories, when honor and dignity were restored in America," Lawrence said in a press release.

"I want to thank you for everything you’ve done to ensure that this day would be one of joy, celebration, and pride. You truly helped in giving our nation the opportunity to build back better."

Congresswoman Haley Stevens released the following statement:

Today was a historic and joyous day for our country. The inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris completed the peaceful transfer of power as required by our Constitution. I feel optimistic about our future and motivated to get to work for the American people. I worked with President Biden while serving on the U.S. Auto Rescue Task Force, and I know he will prioritize the needs of hardworking Michigan families and our manufacturing economy. I am ready to work alongside the Biden Administration and my colleagues in Congress to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic, get our economy back on track, and help Michiganders get back on their feet. Today we begin a new chapter in American history - one of innovative, collaborative, and forward-thinking leadership to strengthen the nation for generations to come.

Senator Debbie Stabenow released her statement after the inauguration:

It was such an honor to witness history today as President Biden and Vice President Harris were sworn into office. The peaceful transfer of power is at the core of American democracy. Despite the events of these past weeks, today’s ceremony affirmed that the fabric of our country is strong. I intend to do everything in my power to help the Biden Administration bring our country together, combat the pandemic, get Americans back to work, and strengthen our democracy for our children and grandchildren.

Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans said there is "much work to be done" over the next four years.

"Today is one we should celebrate as a nation," he said in a press release. "The Constitution and democracy endures. Additionally, the inauguration of a woman of color as Vice President—the first woman to hold elected office in the executive branch—not only shatters the glass ceiling but ensures all Americans have a seat at the table of power."

"The success of President Biden and Vice President Harris will be a success we all share. My administration and I look forward to working with the Biden-Harris team in any way possible to improve the lives of Wayne County residents.”