Holiday gifts under $20 for children

Posted at 5:27 PM, Dec 14, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-14 17:27:22-05

1) String Art Kit I & II (local Detroit mom)

• The kits come with patterns that kids can follow, or they can make up their own. Either way, they will need use puzzle and problem solving skills to fill in gaps in the string art as they complete the designs
• Hang in your room for a permanent display
• Winner of Oppenheim Best Toy Award

2) Poppy Drops
• Natural & innovative products to help keep kids little longer, while still having fun!
• Encourage independence & creativity in kids
• Great for moms & sisters too and

3) Tot Tube
• Easy on parents because its easy to set up, easy to store, and requires no batteries.
• Works with almost any small car or ball, so toys you already have around the house. 
• You don't need to buy special cars or accessories.
•  Fun for many different ages.  18 months to 8 years old.

4) Lipzu
• Lipzu animal shapes are super cute and fun – and everyone loves the popular egg-shaped design. 
• A portion of all proceeds goes to the Humane Society.  
• 100% natural.  95% certified organic.
• Created by the daughter of a mom inventor

5) Tenzi
• The great thing about TENZI is it's so darn simple that EVERYONE can play it, and they can play it TOGETHER. 
• Young, old, and everyone in between. 
• If you can roll dice, you can play TENZI. 
• Super fast to learn, and super fast to play!
Barnes & Noble, Meijer’s

6) Toy Driver (bonus gift, for parents but a MUST for kids toys)
• Toydriver is a small, battery operated screwdriver specifically for all those annoying screws on toy battery covers.
• Get your child back to having fun faster without having to search your home for all different sized screwdrivers!
• Toydriver has just the right amount of force and won’t strip screws.
•  It can easily access hard to reach recessed screws while fitting comfortably in hand.
• Toydriver has two functions – forward & reverse and comes with one Phillips head and one flat head bit which is all you need.
• The bits store in a handy compartment in the base when not in use.  2 AAA batteries included., Toys R Us