Holiday travel nightmares! 2022 taking off in the wrong direction for some metro detroiters

More than 2500 flights cancelled over the weekend
Posted at 10:49 PM, Jan 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-01-02 22:49:33-05

ROMULOUS, Mich. (WXYZ) — Many people spent January 1 stranded at the airport. With more than 2500 flights canceled in one day.

People like Robert Lopez at DTW say the journey home was slow and stressful.

“We were supposed to be here yesterday at this time,”says Lopez.

Yesterday, Lopez says his flight from Texas was delayed more than two hours, so when he finally landed at his layover, his connecting flight was already in the air.

“it was just really stressful,” says Lopez who was traveling with his wife and two kids.

Lopez and his family spent the night at a hotel and flew out the next day.

Ian and Alexa Harrison decided to take a different route.

“We just need to get home, so we got in a rental car and started driving,” said Ian Harrison.

The Harrison’s said they boarded their flight back to Detroit from new Orleans, only to have to get off an hour later.

"Long story short the pilot called in sick, they lined up a second pilot who was going to end up maxing out on his flight hours for the day,” says Harrison.

The next guaranteed flight was on Monday, so they decided to take the 26 hour road trip.

Theresa Winters a travel agent says when traveling in 2022, expect the unexpected.

“I mean its very much knowing and researching and kind of being on edge waiting for that phone to ring for something maybe going wrong,” says Winters.

Between canceled flights, covid regulations, and CDC guidelines, things are always changing. Winters suggests ”take an earlier flight out, you’re less likely to have delays.”

Winters also suggests avoiding layovers. If you have to take one, make sure its for an extended period of time, also pack light!

“I never check a bag right if you get delayed or canceled you may not get that bag right away,” says Winters.