House subpoenas its own, sets new norm after Jan. 6 attack

Capitol Riot Investigation
Posted at 7:45 AM, May 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-14 07:45:17-04

WASHINGTON (AP) — WASHINGTON (AP) — The Jan. 6 committee’s remarkable decision to subpoena GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy and four other sitting members of Congress over the insurrection at the Capitol is as unprecedented as the deadly riot itself.

It opens a new era of acrimony and distrust among lawmakers. McCarthy and the four other Republican lawmakers were served subpoenas Friday.

It’s unclear if they will comply. The outcome is certain to reverberate beyond the immediate investigation of Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn Joe Biden’s election victory.

Republicans vow to use the same tools to go after Democrats, if they win House control in the midterm election.