How Detroit police are helping curb prostitution

Posted at 6:57 PM, Oct 25, 2016

Experts say most who dive into the dark world of prostitution do it as a last resort, and before they realize what they've gotten themselves into, it's too late.

Riding through some streets in Detroit on any given night you'll see women and men out to make quick cash with their bodies as bait.

Soya is a transgender woman who approached our unmarked car as we were on patrol with DPD. She openly talked with us, knowing our cameras were rolling.

She said she doesn't charge, but takes donations for her time and adult companionship.

"It starts anywhere from 40 and up, it's negotiable," she said.

Detroit police is committed to cracking down on prostitution. When we rode with them, they hit a home filled with pimps, johns and working girls.

One woman told us doing drugs and being in the business for 15 years gave her insight into the clientele.

Officer Dani Woods has been with DPD for over 15 years and said she has seen a vicious cycle of prostitution in Detroit.

"Sometimes the jails may not have the space so they may be given a personal bond and a court date and then they’re right back on the street," Woods said. "And as officer we’ve done our job in identifying a problem, making the arrest and placing them in jail if that’s what it warrants but after that its up to the court."

Woods is also the LGBT liaison at the department.

If you know someone who has resorted to prostitution and needs help, visit one of the websites below.

Ruth Ellis Center


Chag Detroit

Help Office

First Step Michigan

State of Michigan