How do we create workplaces that support mental well-being?

Virtual Discussion Aims to Provide Solutions
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(WXYZ) — How do we create workplaces that support mental well-being? It's a big question that will be the topic of an upcoming virtual discussion hosted by Purpose Jobs, a local company that empowers people to find jobs they will love.

According to 2016 research from Eastern Kentucky University, workplace stress was costing U.S. employers $300 billion a year, and that was before the pandemic.

The free panel discussion is scheduled to be held on May 25 at 5 p.m.

The panelists will include:

Alex Simmons: Alex is the co-founder and CEO of Boon, a Detroit startup that facilitates mental well-being in the workplace. Boon partners with businesses by connecting their employees with highly accredited coaches and licensed therapists from top-tier institutions and diverse backgrounds, creating a confidential one-on-one relationship for exploring the ins and outs of everyday life.

Kendra Miller: Kendra is the Well-being Manager at Torrent Consulting, a business consulting firm building solutions on the Salesforce platform. Kendra joined Torrent when the company was just 4 years old with 40 employees. Throughout Torrent's growth over the last 5 years, Kendra has focused on creating a healthy culture, employee development and well-being. She developed the company's well-being program, which helps team members be the best version of themselves through initiatives such as professional coaching, personal why discovery, and resources and tools that support all elements of well-being.

Ryan Vaughn: Ryan is a leadership coach to entrepreneurs, the founder of Inside Out Leadership, and a serial entrepreneur. He has helped leaders from dozens of companies design a more conscious life, and make key changes to improve their performance and satisfaction. Previously, as a 3x founder/CEO, Ryan scaled companies to over 11-million users across 45 states, raised over $20m from leading VCs, built teams of nearly 100 world-class employees, and acquired or partnered with nearly a dozen companies.

For more information and to register for the discussion, click here.