How Exercise Makes Your Job Less Stressful

Posted at 4:54 PM, Nov 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-04 16:54:14-04

A new study examined the stress levels of 200 Swedish workers. Their blood pressure, cholesterol and fitness levels were also evaluated. 

Researchers found the workers who were more stressed had higher heart disease risk factors. But those who were in better fitness health, were less likely to have these risk factors.  

The stressed group of people who was in less physical shape had higher levels of unhealthy cholesterol.  Stress sets off the nervous system and hormones get released. 

These sharpen your senses, quicken your pulse and tense your muscles.  

When you’re under constant stress, your body stays flooded with these chemicals and converts them into cholesterol.  And that can lead to heart disease.

It’s impossible to eliminate but you can learn to manage stress:

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Exercise on a regular basis
It’ll bring good changes to your body, metabolism, heart and your spirit.

Learn to say no
If you take on too much, you’re likely creating stress.

Talk to others
Share how you are feeling with a loved one, friend, counselor or doctor.

Meet with your manager or boss at least once a year
Talk about your job performance and any issues causing stress.

Common effects of stress are headaches, muscle tension or pain, fatigue, anxiety, and lack of motivation or focus.  You may also feel overwhelmed, irritable or depressed. Please don’t turn to alcohol or drugs. They may seem to help with stress, but in the long run can increase it.