How to save money while grocery shopping

Posted at 5:21 AM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 12:22:08-04

When it comes to grocery shopping, you have to be thrifty. Every little bit of savings can really add up for a family and you can cut costs at the grocery store with some simple hacks anyone can use.

Eva Fry, a shopping expert, started uGrocery, where you can search for the best deals before you head to the store.

"Store layout is laid out by design to maximize revenue," said Fry.

It's no secret milk is at the back so you're tempted by other products along the way.

"Grocery stores place the produce departments towards the front of the store because the first thing it does is waken your senses. There's bright colors, gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables and you are instantly salivating," said Fry. 

The rotisserie chickens near the entrance do the same thing. In the aisles, question anything at your eye level.

"Often times these are premium placements by the manufacturers," she said.

The cheaper version takes searching.

And moms, you already know there's a strategy to what kids see.

"At their eyesight is where you're going to find sugar cereals, you're going to find fruit snacks, there are going to be Pop Tarts," said Fry.

Deals can be found, but you have to understand those 10 for $10 type deals.

"In your mind, you think, 'oh my gosh. I have to buy 10 of these items, 10 two liters of soda in order to get it for a dollar, but in reality, you only need to buy one on sale for a dollar. Or however many you want on sale for a dollar," she said.

If you buy in bulk and shop sales, you can still save a lot traditional grocery stores.

Three important rules: buy when chicken breasts are under $1.67 a pound, when cereal is less than $1.50 a box, and the store brand bread is $1 a loaf.