How to score the best deals on over the counter drugs

Posted: 7:58 PM, Dec 10, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-11 01:08:09Z

Most people tend to go to the same store to restock their medicine cabinet every time they're in need. But an expert tells 7 Action News store loyalty is the surest way to lose money. 

When it comes to the consumer, which retailer offers you the best buy? 7 Action News set out to compare the prices.

Take antibiotic ointment, Neosporin. CVS carries it for $8.99, Rite Aid for $5.94. But we compared it to big-box retailer Walmart and found it for more than 30% cheaper at $3.97. 

How about this Dramamine? I found it at Walgreens for $7.49, at CVS for $4.59, but again, Walmart offers the best price at $3.97. 

That’s not the case for every over counter drug we found. An 80 count of liquid capsule Advil was cheaper at Rite Aid than at Walmart. 

The bottom line? If you have store loyalty, it can cost you lots of extra money. 

Jolyn Felton runs the budget blog, Bargains to Bounty. She says the best way to shop is by doing the research on where to find the best deals for the drugs you most commonly use before you need them. 

"If you can plan ahead and purchase some of those things on sale and anticipate that need, you’ll definitely save money that way," said Felton. 

For things you’re gonna need all year round, like painkillers or and allergy medicine, it's best to buy in bulk. Costco and Sam's Club offer competitive deals in that department. 

Always keep in mind too, it's never a bad thing to stock up on things like Band-Aids, gauze, and toothbrushes, if they're on sale since those items are nonperishable.