Huron Schools student suspended for allegedly threatening another student

Posted at 2:31 PM, Feb 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-24 14:38:39-05

An eighth grade student at Renton Jr. High was placed on suspension after being overheard allegedly threatening another student, police say.

Another student reported that during an altercation between two students inside of a classroom, she overheard the suspect tell another student that he would kill him.

A teacher intervened, immediately took action and the student was removed from the classroom and was immediately suspended from school and all activities.

The student of the alleged threat to kill was located, interviewed and said he did not hear the suspect make any death threats towards him.

The student who reported the incident also said that sometime over the past few months, they heard the same student make a threat to shoot students inside the school. The threat was not reported at the time.

The suspect and his parents were brought to the Huron Township Police Department on Friday, where he denied making the statements and denied wanting to cause harm to other students or staff. 

Huron School District Superintendent Donavon Row and Renton Junior High Principal Kurt Mrocko are aware of the incident and are investigating the incident internally as well. The student has been suspended pending the internal investigation.

Police do not believe students are in any danger at this time and believe it is safe for all students to attend classes as scheduled.