Husband and wife open Douglas & Co. leather goods store in Detroit

Posted at 5:07 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 17:07:12-04

A leather goods store opened its doors in Detroit Thursday.

Douglas & Co. is owned by a husband and wife, who make the products right on the spot. Shane and Melissa Douglas are in the leather goods business.

"We consider ourselves a lifestyle brand," Shane said.

They just opened their store in Detroit's Milwaukee Junction neighborhood. It sits near the corner of East Milwaukee and St. Antoine street.

"We wanted to be in the city," he said. "Our hearts beat for the city."

It is 800 square feet of a former garage, but only 200 square feet is used for retail space.

"You get to see the process, you get to see the products, you get to see the makers," Shane said.

It may be hard for some couples to work together, but this duo compliment each other.

Shane explained, "She has an artistic feel she brings to the company and I bring some of the logistics and the sales, numbers and all of that to the company so it's a good mix."

"It can definitely be tense, but we love doing it and we are happy to run the business together," Melissa added.

Their original dream was to create shoes. As they continue to perfect that, they've decided to sell other leather items like wallets, key chains and totes.

Funny story about the tote, Melissa needed a new purse, so she asked Shane to make one.

"Make me a bag or I think I might go buy a bag, so he had some ideas he had been going through and before you know it, a few hours later he had made me a bag similar to this one," She said.

And that's how they got their flagship item called the "tuck and sew."

They also plan on hosting workshops to teach customers how the products are made.

Melissa said, "When people can get their hands on something and feel the materials and see how it works, I think it just adds a different dimension of value."

"If you buy a bag, and you leave with that bag, you would have the whole experience following right with you," Shane added.

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