Concern over Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome

Posted at 5:11 PM, Mar 17, 2016

Ever go to a beauty salon and sit uncomfortably as you get your hair washed in the sink?

You could be putting yourself in danger of a stroke.

It's being dubbed, the Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome.

Hairstylist Susan Cripps explained, "It was like 27 years ago when I worked at a salon, we were still working with the feet down and there were some elderly people that had had strokes."

Susan Cripps has been doing hair for 40 years and works at Visions Salon Spa in Novi.

She is very familiar with the problems that can occur if a client is hyper-extending their neck.

Visions Spa Salon provides clients sinks with chairs that can be raised and reclined -- making it safer and more comfortable.

"She's more relaxed, her feet are up," Cripps added. "It just takes all that pressure and evens it out with the body."

Dr. Daniel Miller is a neurologist specializing in strokes.

"You should listen to your body. If it doesn't quite feel right, then you should stop doing what you are doing."

He says, although uncommon, it could happen to anyone extending their necks too far.

That movement could result in a blood clot which could then lead to a stroke.

Dr. Miller says do not ignore the warning signs.

"Weakness, numbness, double vision, severe headache," he said. "If mobility is at all impaired, call 911 immediately or proceed to the emergency room as soon as you can."

Next time you go to a salon, ask to keep your feet up and sit comfortably.

If you feel your neck hyper-extending, tell someone and change positions.