Wounded Detroit police officer believes suspect also shot Collin Rose

Posted at 4:49 PM, Mar 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-17 23:20:48-04

The two Detroit police officers injured in Wednesday’s shooting are continuing their long road to recovery, but even from the hospital bed, they want to help with the case.

Friday, Detroit Police Chief James Craig addressed the media about the investigation and the officer’s conditions.

He said one of the officers shared some police intuition with him from his hospital bed.

"The one officer who has the most who has the most significant injuries, he said to me as I leaned over his bed, he said to me, 'I believe that the suspect who shot us is the suspect who shot Colin Rose,' that's all he said,” said Craig.

Now the DNA evidence links both the DPD officer’s shooting to the murder of Wayne State Police Sgt. Colin Rose. Chief Craig said his officers are working now to put a warrant package together for the prosecutor’s office.

The two DPD officers are at Detroit Receiving. One of them is more injured than the other and has several surgeries ahead.

Chief Craig has decided to hold off on releasing the names of the officers out of respect for their families.

"The family of the 20 year veteran as you can imagine is having a difficult time, I know this would an added stressor, I think we want, what we all want, he gets through these surgeries and he walks out of that hospital,” said Craig,  

Craig has visited the officers every day since the shooting on Wednesday.

"They want this as much as we do, to see the right suspect taken into custody and charge with attempted murder on them as well as the murder of Sgt. Colin Rose,” said Craig.