Instagram, you're so vain: Survey pegs the social media platform as the most narcissistic

(WXYZ) - If you’re feeling fabulous and want to show off your dashing good looks, great job or fancy new car -- you're probably going to post a picture on Instagram. 

Thousands of college students across the country had their say and a vast number agree that Instagram is the most narcissistic platform. That’s according to a new survey from LendEDU, a company that aims to help students manage their financial loans.

A whopping 64 percent of millennials chose Instagram as the all-about-me platform. Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter were more evenly matched on the vain scale, but fell far below Instagram’s ranking.

And, as you can imagine, it all comes down to the likes.

For Instagram, the study revealed that a majority of millennials say they make an intentional effort to like people’s posts who like their posts, answering that it’s an "unspoken code."

On social media in general, if the post isn’t good enough, it may just disappear. About 78 percent of students reported they know someone who deletes Instagram or Facebook posts if they don’t get enough likes.

LendEDU says the data is based off of the answers from thousands of college students surveyed across the country. 

Check out the survey here.

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