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Is the water in your child's school safe?

Posted at 6:29 PM, Feb 19, 2016
and last updated 2021-01-14 15:59:51-05

Is the water in your child’s school safe? In many cases we found out it is hard to know. 

The questions come after yet another school reported concerning lead levels in water.

Howell Public Schools decided to test water after hearing about the Flint water crisis. Water samples from two faucets at Northwest Elementary had high levels of lead. 

In general, only schools with their own water supply test. Those on city water don’t. They aren’t required to.

7 Action News reached out to Wayne and Oakland County Officials. We were told for the most part schools are not calling on the county to test their water. 

In Oakland County, only the 34 schools with their own water supplies called on the health department for tests.

Livingston County Director of Environmental Health Matt Bolang says since the results came out at a Howell Elementary school other school districts are reaching out to inquire about testing. 

Bologna says, even if water is safe at the school’s source, it can be contaminated by old fixtures. Fixtures made before 1986 often contain lead.

“Another school has been found today to have lead. Howell. Who is next?” asked Sen. Rick Jones (R-24th District)

He has submitted legislation that would require annual lead testing at public and private schools across Michigan.

“A child’s developing brain can be impacted by lead more than an adult. That is why it is critical,” said Jones.

Jones says until Senate Bill 724 becomes law, parents need to hold their schools accountable.

“Parents need to ask, 'Have the schools ever been checked for lead in the water?'  And if they haven’t perhaps they should send their kids to school with bottled water,” he says.