Jeep Super Bowl commercial forgets Michigan's Upper Peninsula

Jeep commercial leaves out Upper Peninsula
Posted at 10:01 AM, Feb 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-08 10:01:21-05

(WXYZ) — Ah, Michigan's Upper Peninsula — beloved but somehow regularly forgotten in images of Michigan or the United States.

Jeep's Super Bowl commercial titled 'The Middle,' which focused on a message of unity among Americans, showcased a map of the 48 contiguous states with the Upper Peninsula missing.


"Jeep® kicks off Game Day by reminding us we are stronger than the obstacles in our way, and invites us to remember all the ways we are connected as Americans," the YouTube caption on the ad reads.

A Jeep brand spokesperson released the following statement regarding the commercial:

"The image of the United States depicted in the commercial is one taken from an actual stone marker which sits on one of the locations filmed in Kansas, which represents the 'geographical center of the contiguous 48 states'. While the image's intent was to serve only as symbolic reference for the "the middle" of the country, the wider message of the commercial is intended as inspirational and inclusive for all Americans, including our family, friends and neighbors living in the Upper Peninsula."

The Super Bowl Jeep spot starred Bruce Springsteen.

Check out the full commercial below: