Johnson & Johnson asks FDA to authorize its Covid-19 vaccine

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Posted at 4:15 PM, Feb 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-05 17:27:55-05

(WXYZ) — The U.S. may soon have a third COVID-19 vaccine. Johnson & Johnson is seeking emergency use authorization from the FDA and if granted, it would be the world’s first single-dose vaccine.

This is such great news that we might soon have a third vaccine. But I don’t think we’ll know before the end of the month if the FDA will or will not grant approval for Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine, and that’s because the FDA’s public meeting has been scheduled for February 26th. On that day, a group of independent experts from the Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will meet and scrutinize the data. They’ll look at all the evidence to see if the vaccine is in fact safe and effective. And then they’ll make a recommendation to the FDA. Now, it’s up to the FDA whether or not to agree with this expert committee. But the good news is that the FDA has said that they’ll review the application and data as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Moderna and Pfizer trials took place before the new virus variants popped up and became widespread in certain areas. It's possible that if Moderna and Pfizer’s trials happened at the same time as Johnson & Johnson’s, that their efficacy rates might not have been as high as 94.1 and 95%. But regardless, here in the US, Johnson & Johnson’s 72% efficacy rate against moderate to severe COVID-19 is still quite good. I know the rate was lower in other countries, but let’s keep in mind that the one-shot vaccine was found to be 85% effective overall in preventing the most serious symptoms. And 100% protective against disease that would send an infected person to the hospital.

If they get the green light from the FDA, Johnson & Johnson expects to have 100 million doses ready by June. And what’s so great about this single-dose shot, is that we don’t have to cut that number in half. So 100 million doses mean 100 million Americans can get vaccinated. Now, I know there are folks who want to pick which vaccine they get. I’ve heard that from some of my patients. But in my opinion, the best one is the vaccine that’s in your arm. So don’t wait and get vaccinated at your earliest opportunity. As for the folks who are still wary, please don’t let false information scare you away. Recently there’s been a lot of talk about COVID-19 vaccines and infertility. I can tell you that there is no evidence of vaccines affecting a woman’s ability to get pregnant. The data so far shows that the vaccine is safe.

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