July 8 declared fourth Ozone Action Day in a row for SE Michigan

Posted at 1:54 PM, Jul 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-07 13:54:11-04

(WXYZ) — Wednesday, July 8 has been declared an Ozone Action day in Southeast Michigan.

The Southeast Michigan Council of Governments says this is the fourth Ozone Action day in a row.

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality meteorologists say ozone numbers are expected to climb.

SEMCOG says it is important to voluntarily lower pollutant emissions on Ozone Action days when high levels of ozone are expected. Breathing high concentrations of ozone can cause a variety of health problems, SEMCOG says.

The following are tips from SEMCOG on how to help keep the air clean.

  • Drive less, bike, walk, or telecommute.
  • Delay mowing your lawn until evening or the next day. Exhaust from your lawn mower and other gas-powered lawn and garden equipment help form ozone.
  • Avoid refueling your vehicle during daylight hours. Fumes released at the gas pump contribute to ozone formation.
  • Delay or combine errands. This will reduce traffic congestion and air pollution.
  • Reduce electricity use. Adjust your thermostat a few degrees higher and turn off lights, computers, and other electrical devices when not in use.