Kickoff set for Detroit area's 'Hugs, Not Bullets' campaign

Posted: 5:10 AM, Dec 04, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-04 10:11:23Z

A program that urges people in the Detroit area to refrain from firing guns skyward while celebrating the New Year is set for its annual kickoff.

The Neighborhood Service Organization says officials will discuss the "Hugs, Not Bullets" campaign Tuesday morning at Detroit's Public Safety Headquarters.

The campaign focuses on student-led activities that involve community and classroom workshops on gun violence, celebratory gunfire, bullying and gang activity.

About 40 members of the NSO's Youth Initiatives Project and police Chief James Craig will attend the kickoff.

The Neighborhood Service Organization is a private, nonprofit human services agency. The Youth Initiatives Project was started in 1999. It encourages youth activism and peer-to-peer collaboration to improve the capacity of neighborhood and community organizations.