L'anse Creuse High School controversy over demand for bras at band practice

Posted at 11:16 PM, Sep 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-05 05:54:56-04

A parent-volunteer with the L’Anse Cruese Marching Band, who also happens be to a board of education trustee, is making headlines.

She is accused of allegedly saying something at a summer band camp that caused controversy and confusion.

It’s being said that Mary Hilton was heated when she heard some female band members were not wearing a bra at practice. 

The proposed concern is that it does not adhere to the dress code and it could distract the boy band members.

The solution, according to a student band member who asked to remain anonymous: “They were going to move our shirts to see if we were wearing a bra,” she said.

Another female board member addressed her concerns before the board.

“The question is why and how is a female, who is a minor not wearing a bra by her choice considered a distraction," said Julia Schnarrs. "To say that it is a distraction is to sexualize the body of every young girl attending that camp."

Action News spoke with a mother who has a son on the marching band.

“I wouldn’t be happy if it was my daughter that had to be checked everyday to see if she was wearing a bra," said Kristen Guzman Well. "If they need to do that, then i think they need to check the guys, too. What if they’re not wearing underpants, because it’s too hot for them.”

Below is a statement from the school leaders:

“The district is aware of the incident and is working towards a resolution for all involved.”

One thing is for sure, the students on the marching band work hard and we don’t want them to suffer from what’s happening.