Large illegal marijuana grow operation found in Detroit building

Posted at 4:23 PM, Mar 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-27 18:35:33-04

Detroit police say a large marijuana grow operation was discovered in a building in northwest Detroit on Monday morning.

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Concerned citizens discovered the grow operation in the 14200 block of 8 Mile between Greenfield and Coolidge when the back door to the facility appeared to have been pryed open.

Those citizens alerted Winfred Blackmon who heads up the Schaefer 7/8 Lodge Association. Blackmon went to the location that, on the front, appears to be vacant. The back door was still open and Blackmon took a number of photos and sent them to Detroit Police.

But before officers could arrive, a man drove up, went in, and shut the door. When officers arrived, it seems he wasn't interested in letting them in so they got a warrant to search the place.

Before the warrant arrived, the man walked out and claimed it was a licensed caregiver facility for medical marijuana but police say he's never applied to be a licensed caregiver and the property has never been licensed as a medical marijuana care center, so they are seizing all of the pot.

The man was arrested and police say over 100 plants were seized from the building.

The man claimed to be a caregiver to 5 people, but police say he failed to provide any paperwork to back that up.