LawnGuru app in high demand after Wednesday's big metro Detroit snowfall

Posted at 6:25 PM, Dec 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 18:25:55-05

Residents in metro Detroit are using an app that helps them find someone to plow the snow out their driveway. 

The LawnGuru is an app that allows you to put in your address and book an appointment immediately. 

Jeff Bahri is a contractor for LawnGuru, he also owns his own landscaping company. 

“They love it because they don't have to come outside, they can just get on their computer and it's on their phones.They don't have to worry about shoveling, when they get up in the morning it's done.,” Bahri says. 

Over 15,000 orders were filled this past snowstorm in the metro Detroit.

"The customer doesn't have to worry about setting up an appointment for an estimate. They sketch it all out themselves and we go ahead and slide on the app to start the job shows them that we're on our way and about how long it takes us to get there. Then when we're done, we take a picture and you get to see a picture of the job,” Bahri explained. 

Shaina Bertrang works for LawnGuru and says the app allows homeowners to be stress-free. 

"It's really tough labor so when you're out there bundled up shoveling super heavy snow it's definitely not going to be good on your back. We’ve heard so many different health stories from that,” Bertrang says. 

The app now allows you to set up reoccuring appointments.