Lions' QB Matthew Stafford and wife Kelly pay surprise Christmas visit to young brothers who lost their dad

Posted at 12:04 PM, Dec 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-26 20:00:16-05

(WXYZ) — Matthew Stafford scores on and off the field.

The Lions' Quarterback and wife Kelly paid a surprise Christmas visit to young brothers who recently lost their father. The Staffords came bearing presents, to which brothers Talon and Skylar were more shocked their favorite quarterback was standing in their living room.

When they opened the door, you can hear the boys repeatedly yell "Oh my God!" One brother even dropped to the floor in utter shock. It's no doubt they love the Lions.

According to a Facebook post from a family member, Matthew stayed, hung out and even played "Madden NFL" as himself!

The brothers loss their father this year, and their mother has been taking care of their aunt who has a traumatic brain injury. The family says it really goes a long way to show much people – especially professional athletes – care.