List of tentative bridge reconstruction and rehab projects in Wayne County

Posted: 4:27 PM, Dec 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-20 01:57:09Z
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(WXYZ) — Viewers have reached out for information on when bridges in Wayne County will be receiving much needed reconstruction or rehabilitation.

According to Whitney Lewis, Director of Communications and Community Outreach for the Department of Public Services for Wayne County, there are 232 bridges within the county's 43 communities.

"It is our policy to close a bridge when load rating calculations are 10 tons or less," Lewis wrote in a statement. "Wayne County will select 5 to 8 bridges annually for potential funding from MDOT’s Local Bridge Program for reconstruction or rehabilitation. Wayne County’s bridge program expects to invest $10 million annually for the design, construction engineering and construction of new bridges. Bridge selection criteria will be based on safety, economic impact to a community, Average Daily Traffic (ADT), and population."

According to a Wayne County spokeswoman, here are the bridges soon to be repaired along with the start and expected end date of construction.

HINES DRIVE BRIDGES (Livonia/Plymouth Township)

Wayne County Department of Public Services (DPS) closed 4 bridges on Hines Drive for installation of support beams June 2018. The bridges have remained open for pedestrians and bicyclists. These four bridges closed due to necessary new weight restrictions of that required 24/7 enforcement. Design work has been completed and DPS has bid documents going through purchasing now. The goal is to repair all four the bridges in Hines Park (located in Plymouth Township) in summer of 2019 (goal by July 1).


A plan for work is still being determined with our internal team and officials. Once we have a finalized plan, the public will be made aware but until then it will remain closed.


Lilly construction will begin in spring 2019. Completion before end of 2019.


Allen Road Bridge in Allen Park is slated for 2019 Construction Season and will cost nearly $2M for the rehabilitation work that is needed.

There were three bridge projects that were impacted by this summer’s MITA work stoppage. Those projects are:

· WALTZ ROAD BRIDGE (Huron Township) – The work on this project will continue into December through February and the bridge deck concrete will be placed by May 2019.

RIDGE ROAD BRIDGE (Northville)– Work on this project will continue into the winter and will carry though to Spring of 2019. Ridge bridge will be open by Friday.
TOLEDO BRIDGES OVER PENNSYLVANIA AND ALLEN ROADS (Brownstown Township) – Work is currently being done under the bridges through the winter. Current anticipated date for work completion is early May 2019. Asphalt or concrete pavement cannot be placed unless temperatures are above 40 degrees.


The County issued an RFP for a contractor (HNTB Michigan Inc.) to perform a comprehensive asset management analysis on the condition of Wayne County roads and bridges that will provide an overall strategy on how to implement a cost effective 10 year strategic plan that would result in good road and bridge conditions in Wayne County. We expect to have a preliminary analysis early 2019.

Wayne County will release the entire 2019 construction project plan next spring . The public can contact 1-888-ROAD-CREW, the 24-hour customer service center number or visit for the schedules and latest information on road projects.