Local brother and sister use birthday money to buy lunch for Oakland County Sheriff deputies

Posted: 6:01 PM, Jul 12, 2016
Updated: 2016-07-12 18:01:26-04

It was not what Oakland County Sheriff deputies expected while they were at work in Highland Township Monday, when two kids walked in with lunch for everyone.

What shocked employees even more... the kids paid for it with all of their birthday money.

Saddened by all of the events took place last week, 13-year-old Madison Morgan and her little brother Bryson had an idea. The siblings wanted to do something for police officers.

“I like the police because they help the community so much,” said Madison. “They are really special people like the president, God, or Jesus… all those people.”

News of five Dallas police officers really hit home for Madison and her family. Her mother, Angela Doyle, happened to be friends with the Dallas police officer who was originally from Michigan and tragically killed in last week’s ambush.

The tragic news motivated the kids to put a special surprise lunch together with their own birthday money.

“We got them cookies, chicken wings, potato salad…all of that,” said Madison. “People are like doing crimes, you know and all of this stuff is going on and police are really busy and they need something to relax.”

Their mother was so proud of them, she took to social media, posting their act of kindness on the Highland Matters Facebook page. Their was an overwhelming amount of support and hundreds of likes and shares.

It even inspired someone else to come bring someone else to drop by the Oakland County’s Highland sub-station with even more goodies Tuesday.

Madison and Bryson’s  mother says both kids are special needs, and have suffered life threatening illnesses, yet they always have put others first.

The soon-to-be 7th grader says their message is something everyone can do: let’s all just be good to each other.

“I like people don’t try to make fun of people for who they are,” said Madison.  “Just like cops you should not make fun of them… they are very special people.”

It should inspire all of us,” said Angela.  “We all should do something kind for somebody else.”