DDOT launches online tool to map, track in-service buses

Color coded map displays real-time movement
DDOT launches online tool to map, track in-service buses
Posted at 12:58 PM, Oct 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-19 13:01:58-04

Public transit riders in Detroit now have a way to know whether their bus is on time or running behind schedule.

The Detroit Department of Transportation has launched a new web page featuring a real-time bus map that tracks the location of every DDOT bus in service.

“The City of Detroit is very pleased with DDOT's continued efforts to improve service and provide transparency to residents,” said Mayor Duggan. “We hope that equipping current and potential riders with efficient tools, such as this new bus tracking map, will make their travel easier and more reliable.”

The online map gives riders a quick snapshot of when their bus will arrive without having to go through other trip planning tools like Text-My-Bus or the DDOT Bus App. “This real-time map is a great tool for our riders. They can pull it up directly on their smartphones through our website, and get a quick glimpse of where their bus is located and how soon it will arrive,” said DDOT Director Dan Dirks. “It's a great addition to all of our trip planning options.”

The real-time bus map is part of DDOT's new web page ( that includes access to important information including rider alerts, service changes, bus schedules and trip planning links.

DDOT says the new tool reflects its mission to improve service and make it easier for people to navigate the city's public transit system. Real-time bus tracking will help riders prepare unexpected delays and avoid wait times in inclement weather.