FBI corruption probe targets Macomb County Public Works office

Posted at 6:32 PM, May 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-15 18:32:47-04

The feds have expanded their public corruption investigation in Macomb County.  

Public Works Commissioner Candice Miller confirms a dozen employees have testified in front of the Federal Grand Jury downtown answering questions about former Commissioner Anthony Marrocco and other top official, Dino Bucci. 

Both are now out of that office.

Miller also says the FBI has gotten documents from her office that include invoices totaling millions of dollars and written on the documents: give the check to Bucci or Marrocco.

Bucci is also an elected Trustee on the Macomb Township Board.

The feds have charged 5 local elected officials in Macomb, Chesterfield, New Haven and Clinton Townships with taking bribes in connection with Rizzo trash contracts.  

Four of the 5 have taken plea deals including Cliff Freitas, who was on the Macomb Township Board with Bucci, but also worked at Rizzo.

The speculation is Freitas could help the feds build a case against Bucci, who could then take the feds to Marrocco. 

Neither Marrocco nor Bucci is charged with any crime.

Former U. S. Attorney Barb Mc Quade said elected officials are often targets in corruption cases because they are elected to serve the public trust.  The feds have called the Macomb County case “systemic corruption.”

It is not known how much longer the case will go.