Inspector report cards detail problems at three Oakland County restaurants

Posted at 11:30 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2019-01-09 15:15:36-05

There are a lot of restaurants in metro Detroit and Oakland County racks up quite a few on its own.

We went through the list of health inspection reports for the good, the bad and the gross. 

So it's that time - should you chow down on put that fork down!

First stop, Red Olive in Auburn Hills. The restaurants had several priority violations. According to the Oakland County restaurant health report, inspectors discovered cross contamination in the kitchen. 

Other violations included expired cooked beef in cooler, cheese and eggs open for an unknown amount of time, raw chicken next to cooked rice raw bacon way too close to raw chicken in cooler, cooked ham stored below raw ground beef and raw fish in cooler. 

The owner and manager Pilip Kac was very open and honest about the issues. He says the cooler was down and has been fixed and the complications with food storage have now been corrected. He tells us he strives to maintain a clean and compliant establishment and appreciates the opportunity to work with the health department.

"It is a great opportunity for us to sit down with owners and operators as they have time to ask us questions about maybe new requirements or employment health and hygiene and just questions that they may have overall about the process," says Leigh Anne Stanford, Health Officer for Oakland County Health Division.

“If they get sick I lose the business. Nobody will come in here and eat, we don't want that we want you to stick around here”, says Kac.

He tells us every problem has been resolved. 

Our next stop was Sushi Oharu in Novi. According to the Oakland County Health Inspection report for July, raw beef was found next to raw chicken, tempura batter mix was found next to raw animal products and soiled food debris was found on knives.

The Oakland County Health Department works hard to spot problems like this solve with them  with haste!

“We are behind the scenes working with these facilities to ensure the safety of the public, that is really the most important and that is our number one priority when we're out in those restaurants”, says Leigh Anne Stafford, Health Officer for Oakland County Health Division.
The owner of Sushi Oharu tells us all of the violations have been addressed and corrected.  

Our final stop, Ferndale, The Pita Post Food Truck gets an “A” on the Restaurant Report Card. 

“I appreciate it. We try our best all the time”, says the owner. 
The Pita Post passed it’s July inspection with flying colors. Coming in with zero violations.
“Awesome, great! Well that makes me even more excited to have my dinner then”, says a repeat customer.   
Stay tuned for the next Restaurant Report Card. You never know where we’ll end up!