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Jenny Jones TV murder, lessons learned, what questions remain for victim’s family

Posted at 5:06 PM, Feb 08, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-08 17:56:14-05

(WXYZ) — It was shock, ambush, tabloid television. And for the first time, in depth, the brother of Scott Amedure tells us what he still wants to know a quarter of a century later.

His brother Scott Amedure had a crush on Jonathan Schmitz and said so on the Jenny Jones Show in 1995. Three days later, Scott was killed by Schmitz. It would all play out in Oakland County with a murder trial and the talk show on trial.

Schmitz called 911 after shooting Scott Amedure with a shotgun.

Frank Amedure, Jr was out at the murder scene.

Today he tells 7 Action News, “What did Scott talk to him, just prior to him killing him? When you were shooting my brother was that third shell intended for the witness Gary Brady? Were you going to kill yourself? Were you just going to unload some more shots into my brother?”

The Amedure family hired Attorney Geoffrey Fieger to sue The Jenny Jones Show.

The jury would award $25 Million. But it was overturned on appeal. No money.

“They were more interested in protecting corporations than individuals. But the symbol was there,” Fieger tells 7 Action News today.

Oakland County Authorities in 1995 said the show was responsible.

Prosecutor Richard Thompson said, “the rule that anything goes on daytime television reveals a cynical pursuit of ratings over common decency.”

Have we learned anything?

Jerry Sabbota is one of the Defense Attorneys for Schmitz. He tells 7 Action News, “There’s Jerry Springer, there’s Cheaters. I mean, these programs, I don’t know if we’ve learned anything from it. People like to watch other people get hurt.”

Frank Amedure, Jr also says he’s gotten calls from around the world to tell his story saying, “They want to get me on there and ask me a few sad questions and you know, hopefully I’ll be emotional. My family is the only people who walked away with nothing in this deal and people continue to make money off my brother.”

He’s talking about books and movie deals. And tabloid TV is still making money.

See our entire interview with Geoffrey Fieger and Frank Amedure, Jr below: