Metro Detroit man details worker's comp nightmare that landed him in court

Posted at 10:37 PM, Sep 05, 2017

A Michigan man's health hangs in the balance as he’s in the battle of his life with his workers’ comp insurance company.

Fifty-five-year-old Mark Marusza loved his job as a truck driver. Almost 6 years ago everything changed, when Mark was hit by a car while walking to grab some lunch.

Mark suffered severe injuries, as well as a closed head injury that has left him a different man.

His girlfriend and caregiver Nancy Guwca says he can do virtually nothing on his own. She says Mark needs 24 hour care.

Right now, Mark is fighting to get more coverage from his insurance company, Accident Fund Insurance Company of America.

He and his attorney have gone before a magistrate a won. Though they say, they don’t feel victorious. They tell 7 Action News, they have yet to receive the money they were awarded.

Now, more money and responsibility is falling on Nancy.

“Let the man live out his life and give him the services he needs. Do the right thing,” says Nancy Gucwa.

Attorney Marshall Lasser plans to keep fighting in court.

“There is no punishment when insurance companies commit fraud, ignore the magistrate order, which they have in this case,” says Lasser.

Meanwhile, Mark is hurt and heartbroken.

“I just want to go to sleep and not wake up, make it easier on everybody,” he says.

Michigan State Rep, Tim Greimel is outraged and is working to introduce new legislation is Lansing that would hold workers’ insurance accountable.

The insurance company issued the following statement:

Accident Fund Insurance Company of America has a long history of providing workers’ compensation benefits in a fair and lawful manner. Consistent with that history, we have paid, and continue to pay, all benefits to which Mr. Marusza is entitled under the law and we remain in full compliance with the decision of the workers’ compensation magistrate. Mr. Marusza has filed a claim seeking additional benefits and we cannot comment on pending litigation.