Detroit PAL 2016 Youth Football League Championships

Battle for bragging rights at Ford Field
Posted at 8:32 AM, Nov 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-06 23:34:53-05

The Detroit Lions were out of town Sunday, but there was still lots of action at Ford Field.

The Detroit PAL, or Police Athletic League, hosted the 2016 Youth Football Championship games Sunday afternoon. Various age groups faced off in separate games, battling it out on the gridiron for bragging rights.

The annual event drew thousands of fans, including parents, volunteers, and even the Chief of Police, who talked about the importance of the PAL program to the city.

"This beacon of light represents the city of Detroit," said Chief James Craig of the Detroit Police Department. "Our men and women volunteer their time to mentor and work with these young people. This is something that we must continue to do, because this really is about the future of the city of Detroit."

The final scores of today's Detroit PAL Youth Football Championship games are as follows:

A-Team (13- and 14-year olds): Detroit Spartans 24 / West 7 Rams 16

B-Team (11- and 12-year-olds): Detroit Spartans 13 / West 7 Rams 12

C-Team (9- and 10-year olds): West 7 Rams 39 / Metro Detroit Wolverines 0