Local parents weigh-in on best masks for young kids in fight against COVID-19

Target is selling kids and adult face masks for just $2
Posted at 1:36 PM, Apr 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-26 13:39:25-04

(WXYZ) — With the expanded mask mandate for children ages 2-4 going into effect across Michigan, local parents are searching for the best masks for young children.


We asked viewers to tell us about some of their favorite brands and below are just a few of their suggestions.

If you have a mask brand that you think works really well for your kids, drop a note in the comments here:

Ericka Frederick writes: "My favorite are the disposable ones from Kroger. They have cute prints ... Easy to breathe and the nose part can be pinched easily to fit tighter, etc."

Kim Meg Atronowski writes: "The cat and jack ones! [Target brand] My daughter also has a kids sailor moon mask from Amazon."

Jessica Cruz writes: "Since I’m a parent who would do ANYTHING to protect my child I like any mask that has a wire for the nose and adjustable ear straps. Children are super resilient and don’t seem too bothered by them. Better to have them partake in mask wearing than to be in The hospital ..."

Kari Sauve writes: "My 4 year old only likes the Old Navy ones, and we do add a bread tie in the nose for a “pincher” as she calls it. She prefers them with a nose piece and to match her outfit."

Deborah Leigh writes: "I ordered my kids’ masks from"

Christina VanRobays Cox writes: "I use the disposable ones from Amazon and then use the cloth ones from Meijer. I sewed the plastic pieces inside so it stays away from my 3 year olds face. Also use the lanyard clipped on so I can keep it off her ears and nice and tight."

Amanda Abercrombie writes: "My 5 yr old likes the disposable ones best and my 2 yr old likes the crayola ones."

Liz Starrett writes: "We found these at kohls and they work for us."