Web app aims to streamline rewards programs

Posted at 8:11 AM, Mar 22, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-22 09:13:41-04

A local startup is moving its headquarters downtown--with the idea of getting you some rewards for visiting your favorite restaurants.

Restaurant rewards programs can be clunky at times. Maybe you have to scan your key tag or give workers at the register your name and number.

Jetti Systems wants to simplify the process. 

The company—started by a group of friends in Ypsilanti— aims to bring a more streamlined and customizable rewards program to area restaurants through Jetti Rewards.

Their rewards program lets users register right from their phones at the dining tables. Visitors can scan a QR code, wave their phone by the Near Field Communication tag or type in the URL at their participating restaurant to start collecting points using the web based app. It verifies where you're dining using your phone's location services. 

One of the founders of Jetti Systems, Will Orlewicz, told 7 Action News by phone that the program works well in a full service restaurant environment.

"They can...connect right away," said Orlewicz. "Restaurants usually don't want people fiddling on their phones."

About 2,500 people are currently signed up for Jetti Rewards. The program is implemented across a total of six participating restaurants in metro Detroit. 

Now, with the big move to the Ford Building, Will hopes the company can expand their operations with a focus on restaurant chains and other franchises. 

Will says the team has been eyeing Detroit as a hub for their team from the beginning. 

"I think being downtown is just inspirational, because there’s so many other positive things happening," said Orlewicz.