Water pressure back to normal in City of Troy, broken valve fixed

Posted: 11:25 AM, Aug 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-05 20:02:10Z

UPDATE: The City of Troy's Water Division Team has replaced the broken pressure control valve that caused below normal water pressure Friday in the area from Wattles to South Boulevard and Adams to Coolidge.

Officials say all pressure is now back to normal in all districts, and residents in affected areas can resume using outdoor water and irrigation systems.


The City of Troy is currently experiencing below normal water pressure in the area due to a failed valve, city officials say. 

The affected area is from Wattles to South Boulevard and Adams to Coolidge. 

Right now, officials say there is no cause to boil water. 

Area residents can help by reducing the amount of water consumed. 

The Troy Water and Sewer Division is working to replace the failed pressure-reducing valve. Repairs should be completed by noon on Monday, August 6.

If anyone is dealing with a total loss of water pressure, contact the Troy Police Department non-emergency line at (248) 524-3477.