Macomb massage parlor busted for prostitution

Posted at 12:01 PM, Jan 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-20 22:28:49-05

The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office arrested four women after an undercover sting at a Harrison Township massage parlor.

Sheriff’s deputies started the investigation into the Sun Chinese Spa back in November after an anonymous tip. They found the women working there were offering sex to male clients.

The Sun Chinese Spa is closed as of Wednesday night.

The four women in custody include: 49 year-old Meijuan Yu, 44 year-old Suhya Mei, 26 year-old Hongmei Qu and 51 year-old Xiaoying Yu. Three of the women lived at the spa and their immigration status is unknown at this time.

People who live in Harrison Township are shocked this happened.

"I was dumbfounded and horrified.  It means there's people in desire of prostitutes right here,” said Harrison Township resident, Jennifer Donkowski.

Donkowski was in the area on Wednesday night to pick up a pizza at the well-known Luigi’s right next door. 

She said she even attempted to go into the spa to look into their acupuncture services, but left quickly.

"I walk in there and it was very strange, I thought this is a really weird vibe,” said Donkowski.

Other people in the area knew something wasn’t right.

“I couldn’t believe it was coming in over here and then when they’re staying open late, it’s like, ok something has got to be going on,” said Billy Sexton.

Sexton works at Kassa’s Liquor right across the street.

"Sometimes they stayed open until midnight on the weekends. You could see the guys go in and out. They weren't ashamed. They just walked right on in,” said Sexton.

He’s thankful for the hard work of the Macomb County Sheriff’s Office.

"As soon as they started hearing things, the sheriff's department took a hold of it and they ended it real quick,” said Sexton.

All four suspect are due back in court on January 27.