Macomb County working to secure funding for pothole repairs

Posted at 6:45 AM, Feb 23, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-28 13:11:28-05

WARREN, MI (WXYZ) — Mound is known for potholes and this year they are bad between 696 and 8 Mile.

Some work has already been done north of the area but more work is on the way.

“I’ve seen people lose tires. I’ve seen the damage in the roads cause accidents,” Amy Shima said.

One metro Detroiter said he victim to a pothole on 8 Mile and Mound a few weeks ago and popped a tire.

“I ended up getting tire damage... on the right tire, so I had to spend like a hundred bucks on a new tire.”

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Macomb County Executive Mark Hackel says heavy maintenance and mill and fill has been used to maintain Mound while they worked on getting a $100 million grant from the federal government.

They got the grant and additional money to make the $217 million project happen. Reconstruction is set for this year from 15 mile road to m-59.

The entire project is projected to be finished by 2024.

“By the end of 2023, Mound road is going to be a completely different road from everybody’s perspective,” Hackel said.

According to the Innovate Mound website, three to four million dollars a year is spent on maintenance and repairs of this 30 year old stretch of road.

The hope is to eliminate those costs with reconstruction as well as additional features that will make Mound an autonomous friendly roadway.

As for Mound south of i-696, Hackle says they are working on securing funding.

“I would venture a guess before the end of 2024 we will have Mound Road completely redone," he said. "All the way from m-59, all the way down to the Macomb County border and 8 Mile.”