Macomb Township official accused of corruption faces public outrage at board meeting

Posted at 11:20 PM, Oct 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-26 23:29:15-04

Macomb Township trustees and the Township Supervisor avoided 7 Action News cameras after a heated board meeting Wednesday night.

Concerned residents sounded off, one saying, " I'm asking for your resignation. I'm not waiting, but now."

That led to applause from the packed room at Macomb Township Hall. Many believe that trust is gone, after Trustee Cliff Freitas was arrested by the FBI Tuesday, accused of scheming to get Rizzo Environmental Services a lucrative contract with the township.

Trustee Dino Bucci showed up to the meeting, after some claimed he had been hiding and not showing up for work. Bucci is at the center of a lawsuit claiming he tried extorting money from a contractor. Supervisor Janet Dunn made a brief statement at the start of the meeting, urging everyone to allow due process to take place, and saying she's against all actions that betray the public trust.

Trustee Nancy Nevers offered similar comments at the end of the meeting. We walked with Bucci back to his car, trying to get some answers, but only told us, " Good evening, but I have no comment." The board says it will hold off on making any recommendations on the status of Trustees, until investigations are over.