Madison Heights school board candidate speaks with 7 Action News about his disturbing online rants

Posted at 6:57 PM, Nov 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-03 18:57:58-04

Wayne Reif showed up at Channel 7 today in his work van, with a U of M license plate mockingly decaled "losers."

He doesn’t spare Michigan from his taunts. Nor does he spare the random kids living in his Madison Heights home.

We've been showing you his online rants. Photos with young black kids, not his own, but in his care - and using racial humor to mock them.

The two kids eating watermelon in a bathtub with the caption. "I don't care what you say… this is funny!!"

And just yesterday, a photo of an African American boy mowing the lawn with a joke about slave labor.

When asked if he is still running, he said, "I am." He is hoping voters understand his... unique sense of humor.

But its his public display of the young people in his home, not to mention why they are there, that had us asking questions.

Reif began taking in foreign exchange students years ago. That was until the school district called child protective services.

There were allegations of drugs and alcohol abuse involving minors, Reif admits, among other things. Not to mention accusations of lewd comments and bed bugs.

Local police investigated as well. Both agencies never pressed charges.

He was banned from the foreign exchange program. But in our interview he dropped this bombshell.

"I had an exchange student last year... Vince from Hong Kong."

When told he was banned, he replied, "I lied."

"I lied to the program, on the application when they asked did you ever have CPS contact, I said no."

Since then, he has replaced the exchange students with other disadvantaged young boys and girls, using his place as a crash pad.

"Youngest is probably 14, older is 19 or 20," he says.

We also obtained older Facebook logs, which show pictures of shirtless teenage boys and suggestive comments from Reif, such as "you can tell I'm drunk but he does have a sexy chest."

When told his behavior appeared creepy, he replied, "My sense of humor is off."

When asked if the young men know what’s being posted online, he replied, "Oh yeah."