Anthony Iannotti, man wanted in murder of Warren grandmother, arraigned

Posted at 10:03 AM, Aug 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-16 18:44:15-04

A suspect in the brutal beating death of a 62-year-old Warren grandmother appeared in court to face charges, but he refused to confirm his name to a judge.

Shelby Township police say Anthony Iannotti was arrested Tuesday morning in the death of Dona Lawrence. He was arraigned on charges Tuesday afternoon.

Iannotti has also been charged with First Degree Home Invasion and Tampering with an Electronic Device. While he was not given any bond in the murder case, he was given a $2 million bond on those additional charges - which relate to his arrest. He's accused of breaking into a home today.

He is due back in court on August 30 for a probable cause hearing.

Iannotti was taken into custody after reportedly trying to break into a home near Ryan and West Utica in Shelby Township.

Police say a young mother and her child were home alone when Iannotti tried to break in. She was able to alert authorities and they rushed to the scene, according to police. 

"She was almost on guard for him, soon as she laid eyes on him she called us immediately," Shelby Township police chief Robert Shelide said.

Iannotti was later taken into custody in a nearby apartment complex. He was reportedly clean shaven with a bald head.

Officer Paul Fox helped put Iannotti in handcuffs. "He had clearly been outside for some time so as far as his overall physical condition, completely lethargic and he didn't have any fight left in him," he said.

The suspect was swiftly turned over to the Warren Police Department. 

"If you just look at his record alone, it's appalling that he's out on the street," said Shelby Township Police Chief Robert Shelide. 

Iannotti had been on the run after he was named a person of interest in the murder of Lawrence about a week ago. The body of Lawrence was found in her apartment on August 10. Mayor Jim Fouts says it was an extremely violent death.

The shower was still running when the body was discovered. Neighbors and crews working nearby told police they saw the suspect knocking on her window Wednesday morning and calling her name. She let the man in, according to witnesses. 

That same man was seen leaving the apartment soaking wet. He reportedly then got into Lawrence's car and drove away.

Renee Lawrence, the victim's daughter, said, "She would be happy, she would be proud that everybody stepped up and handled business and caught this guy."


Emily Losinski, who has a child with Iannotti, has released the following statement about the case:

This is so surreal. Prayers have been answered for myself and Cassandra as well as our families. While we are resting a little easier; say an extra prayer for Dona Lawrence and her family. Today she is laid to rest. None of our battles are over and while we all appreciate the emotion that the next is feeling a woman still lost her life. Our next battle is court. No conviction can truly heal the hearts and souls of those affected. Our children will always have Anthony in their DNA but we will protect them from this as long as we can. Seeking guidance and providing love throughout their lives. I thank you all for the support, shares and prayers over this last week. I thank you all for taking a walk in our shoes and crying with us, loving with us, fearing with us and rejoicing in the newest update. RIP Dona today I pray for much needed peace and resolution as you family says their final goodbye.