Man ignores lawsuit, is served default judgment through Facebook by Attorney General Nessel

Posted at 7:46 PM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-28 08:25:48-05

LANSING, Mich. (WXYZ) — One man thought that by ignoring a lawsuit it would just go away. However, with modern technology and digital accessibility, that proved to be an incorrect assumption after Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel served him a default judgment through social media.

According to a release, Nessel served a default judgment for nearly $800,000 to Christopher Carr, 23, formerly of Troy.

Carr, the owner of Fan Authentics, an online sports-themed retailer, had stopped responding to traditional channels of contact but was seen active on Facebook. That's when Nessel obtained an order from Ingham County Circuit Court Judge Clinton Canady III to serve Carr through Facebook.

“Thousands of consumers were robbed of their money by Christopher Carr’s deceitful online business practices,” Nessel said. “I want this action to send a clear message that even if you leave the state, we will pursue you. This office will go after those who use the internet to exploit consumers.”

The default judgment came after Carr was found to have violated the Michigan Consumer Protection Act by collecting credit card payments for goods through his websites, and He then failed to deliver on those goods.

Also, at Nessel's request, the two limited liability companies Carr incorporated in Michigan – Authentics, LLC and Printrageous, LLC – were dissolved. He can no longer sell any goods or services to Michigan consumers through the internet or any other medium, a press release states.