Man realizes he won $1M in Michigan Lottery eight months after drawing

Posted at 5:38 AM, Mar 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-01 14:36:59-05

A metro Detroit man who won $1 million from the Michigan Lottery didn't realize it until eight months after the drawing.

Michigan Lottery says Edward Anderson, 50, of Dexter bought the Mega Millions ticket in June. 

Months later, he noticed the ticket. 

“I was at work and saw the ticket in my wallet,” said Anderson in a news release. “I checked the ticket and almost had a heart attack because I thought tickets expired after six months." 

Anderson says he usually waits to check the tickets until he has a few. 

As far as what he plans to do with the money? Anderson plans to save it as part of a rainy day fund.