Man shot and killed by police during standoff in Waterford Township

Posted at 7:01 PM, Aug 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-24 20:21:42-04

New information has been released about what happened as a man barricaded himself in his Waterford Township home Thursday morning.

Waterford Township Police say the man’s wife called 911 for help after running from the home here on Sunhill Drive. She said her husband assaulted her and she needed help. Police say they responded and it didn’t end as they hoped.  

Police say after the man realized police were outside, he threatened over the phone to kill officers, burn down his house and kill himself. 

Police have not identified him, but his wife says the man was 28-year-old Colton Puckett. She gave 7 Action News a picture of their family, saying she wants people to see him as a loving husband and father. She says he lost friends he served with and snapped. 

Police say he barricaded himself inside, at some point firing a gun, but not hitting anyone. Police attempted to reason with him. He continued to make threats over the phone, then came outside with a shotgun and charged at officers. 

“I heard five gunshots and then another three. It was shocking to wake up to,” said Jessica Ryan, a neighbor. 

Police say they shot the man before he could hurt them. 

Medics rushed him to the hospital where he died. Both the Waterford Township Police and Oakland County Sheriff’s Office worked together on this call.

They say they found evidence inside the house that he intended to carry out his threats. He had dumped gasoline throughout the house and left the burners on the stove on.  

For family members, it is heartbreaking. They say the man who died was a father and a veteran. He served in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder. but was still a man they loved. They have started a fundraising page on Facebook.