March For Trump event attracts supporters, protestors to Freedom Hill

Sterling Heights, Mich. (WXYZ) - Across the country people came together to support Donald Trump at flash mobs across the country called "March 4 Trump."

In Michigan, six locations were announced across the state, one of the largest taking place at Freedom Hill in Sterling Heights.

“I think it reminds Trump that we haven’t forgotten about him, and he shouldn’t forget about us,” said John Vermeulen, a Shelby Township trustee. “We’re the people of Macomb County that put this President over the edge.”

Vermeulen is one of roughly 200 people that showed up to a rally on Saturday for President Trump.

A handful of people took to a stage and spoke about Trump’s presidency and what it means for the United States.

State Rep. Peter Lucido was among those to speak in front of the crowd, leading chants of “USA! USA!” and “Trump! Trump! Trump!”

“President Trump did not need this office,” Lucido told the crowd. “We needed somebody like President Trump that didn’t have political aspirations and wanted to set the record straight and give back America to the people of the United States!”

Outside of Freedom Hill, a group of 30-40 protestors held signs and chanted in opposition to President Trump and his recent moves in office. It led to some tense moments for a few minutes as protestors and supporters came toe-to-toe and exchanged verbal barbs.

There was accusations of a shoving match that started, but according to a Sterling Heights Police officer overseeing the crowds no one came forward as the victim of the alleged incident. Most of the supporters for Trump eventually left the area and filed into a location for the rally leaving the smaller crowd of protestors by themselves visible to those driving by the park in cars.

As for those in the rally they too would become visible, after a short rally at Freedom Hill the group gathered and walked alongside Metro Parkway with flags, signs and patriotic clothing visible.

“This is important to have, “ said Gary Hohf, a member who walked in the march. “People need to see the positive side, all the people that voted for him now see the good protesting, not just the negative.”

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