Great Scott! Barbie now has her own hoverboard

Posted at 7:11 AM, Feb 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-16 09:15:20-05

The 2016 International Toy Fair set the stage for some big announcements from Mattel. 

While creating more toys, the multinational toy manufacturing company wants to help kids build their own now, too. 

That's the idea behind Mattel's ThingMaker 3D Printer.

The printer, according to a press release from Mattel, is all families need to create and print toys. Well, some good imagination wouldn’t hurt, either.

Families just download the ThingMaker app and then choose from a number of toy templates or create their own visions. The printer then churns out parts in batches for easy assembly.

The expected price for the ThingMaker is around $300. The printer is named after the original ThingMaker that debuted in the 1960s that helped kids create rubbery forms using metal molds. 

Another one of Mattel’s classic toys is also getting an update. The company has partnered with Google to reinvent the View-Master. 

The new high tech version is now designed to work with Google Cardboard technology. Mattel states in a press release that kids can use their smartphone and the viewer to look at 360-degree photospheres of different destinations.

The viewer and a sample reel are expected to cost around $30 with additional reels sold separately.

Another reveal may have you shouting "Great Scott!" Barbie now has her own hoverboard. 

It was only a matter of time, folks. Mattel unveiled the Barbie Star Light Adventure RC Hoverboard at the trade fair this weekend. The doll appears to be secured atop the drone--and it's flown via remote control. 

Check out this video from Mattel at the Toy Fair: