Medium who started career in metro Detroit promoting book on Tuesday

Posted at 5:10 PM, Feb 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-21 14:35:32-05

A psychic medium, who started her career in Metro Detroit, has returned to promote a new book.

You may have seen Rebecca Rosen as she starred in the Lifetime show called "The Last Goodbye." She's also been on several talk shows, including Dr. Oz.

Now, she's in town promoting her new book, "What the Dead Have Taught Me About Living Well." She describes it as a "spiritual memoir, part self-help."

This psychic medium started her career in West Bloomfield and now travels the country with her gift. She's hosting a local event Tuesday.

"I let the other side use me as a messenger for that time to bring through the messages for those with the greatest emotional need."

Rebecca says her book will help bring out the psychic in all of us.

"Nobody is more in tune with your own intuition and spiritual guides than you are," she explained. "Read the signs from the other side and how to call on their team of spirit guides, angels and departed loved ones to help them better  navigate their way through it."

Rebecca believes most of us are born with the ability to talk to the other side, we just grow out of it.

"Those imaginary friends that kids have are often times their guardian angels or spirit guides or departed loved ones."

She's used to some folks being skeptical - but she loves to let her work speak for itself.

"If you can quiet your mind and open up and tune into it, you can read the energy," she added. "I'm going to show you, demonstrate for you what this looks like and then you decide."

Rebecca is hosting an event at the Berman Center of the Performing Arts in West Bloomfield Tuesday night where she will be performing readings and everyone attending will receive her new book.

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