Meet Ypsilanti City Councilwoman Nicole Brown in our 7 in Your Neighborhood-Ypsilanti

Posted at 1:55 PM, Jul 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-07-28 13:59:59-04

YPSILANTI, Mich. (WXYZ) — We want to introduce you to a woman making a difference in her community by living and breathing everything Ypsilanti.

“I ran an honest campaign talking about there were certain things that I did not know, right," said Ypsilanti City Councilwoman Nicole Brown. "I wasn’t a politician. I didn’t go to school for political science or anything like that,”

With encouragement from family and mentors in her community, and no political experience, at 26 years old she ran for office – and won!

“You have to drive, the passion, the willingness to learn, and you’re willing to work with others to do that," Brown said. "I think that we all have a little bit of that in us."

That was five years ago, she’s now on her second term.

“The people of Ypsi are amazing," she said. "They are just a joy to work with. They are vocal, they will tell you what the need."

“She’s able to have an eye for the things trying to bring all those resources together, not just to help her ward but the city at large,” said Ypsilanti City Manager Frances McMullan.

Brown went to high school in Ypsilanti. She bought a house in her district at 19 years old and fell in love with with her neighborhood.

“It’s a very diverse community of folks willing, like literally willing to get on the ground and do the work,” Brown said.

The councilwoman attended Eastern Michigan University, earning a double major in social work and communications. Now a social worker at Star Family Services, she works with at-risk children by strengthening family dynamics and helping to create bright futures for families.

“Just being somebody who is relatable, who’s willing to sit and talk with them, hang out with them, it’s super exciting and I enjoy it a lot,” Brown said.

We stopped by The Parkridge Community Center, which is run in collaboration with the city and Washtenaw Community College.

“The folks that work here were born and raised here,” Brown said. “They love this place.”

“It’s super important, not only for woman, (but) for everybody to really be involve to understand what’s going on but also to use their voice,” Brown said.

In Brown's future, she will continue immersing herself in her community doing what she can to keep residents safe.

“It’s a place that people are proud," she said. "Proud to live, proud to serve, proud to have fun, proud to hang out, it’s a place that I think that more people need to visit."

“She has the heart of Ypsilanti,” McMullan added.