Men with Michigan ties to appear on Shark Tank tonight

Posted at 5:12 PM, Oct 07, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 17:12:07-04

Two inventors with ties to Michigan will be on Shark Tank Friday night. The two have created a machine that could save your electronic device if it falls in water, like the toilet.

TekDry is a machine that gets the water out of your phone. The machine can save the phone in about an hour.

Adam Cookson graduated from Kettering University and Craig Beinecke got his degree from Michigan Tech.

They got their inspiration after a classmate dropped her phone in the toilet.

The company is starting to roll out TekDry at Staples but they wanted to expand. That's why both engineers will appear on Shark Tank.

"It was an incredible rush of emotion. It was confusing at times; it was exciting all of the time,” said Cookson.

"I feel like there's nothing I've done in my life so far where I've learned so much as I have the last two years.  And 'Shark Tank' was no different," said Beinecke.

The inventors say the process has a 75 percent success rate.

TekDry will be available at 10 Staple stores in Metro Detroit starting next month.

To find out how the men did, watch Shark Tank Friday night at 9.